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India appears well-set to seize opportunities in the Big Reboot

The nation’s young population, a low coronavirus-related mortality rate, and the fact that vast parts of the country are virus free can help India restart the economy without triggering a new wave of infections.

The government has already lifted some restrictions to economic activity in green zones—districts where coronavirus cases have not surfaced for the past 21 days—and is preparing for a staged end to the world’s largest lockdown.

Health experts claim most Indians have a fair chance of recovering as the country has a large young population who stand a better chance to fight the disease. India’s population of the elderly is just 8.5%, much lower than the 25% in countries that are bearing the brunt of covid-19.

“India’s young population is a positive sign that will build natural immunity to covid-19 and recover," said Dr Jugal Kishore, professor and head, department of community medicine, Safdarjung Hospital. “The global mortality rate is around 7%. India has a mortality rate of around 3%, and around 86% of fatalities are of people with co-morbidity. Keep the elderly and co-morbid at home," he said.

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