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India announces liberalisation of policies governing geospatial data

Government's step in vision for an Aatmanirbhar Bharat

In a big policy reform in the country's mapping policy, the Government of India (GOI) on Monday announced liberalisation of norms governing the acquisition and production of geospatial data. This new policy is a good move that will help in boosting innovation in the sector and create a level-playing field for public and private entities. Under the new guidelines, the sector will be deregulated and aspects such as prior approvals for surveying, mapping and for building applications based on that have been done away with, Department of Science and Technology Secretary Ashutosh Sharma said.

For Indian entities, there will be complete deregulation with no prior approvals, security clearances, licenses, for acquisition and production of geospatial data and geospatial data services, including maps, he said. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the liberalisation of policies governing the acquisition and production of geospatial data is a "massive step in government's vision for an Aatmanirbhar Bharat." The reform will benefit the country's farmers, start-ups, private sector, public sector and research institutions to drive innovations and build scalable solutions he said.


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