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‘India among most viable investment destinations’

BNP Paribas, which operates in 71 countries, is one of the leading foreign banks in India, with a long history of offering a host of services. As the world emerges from the worst of covid-19, the bank is gearing itself to meet the challenges and opportunities in India and elsewhere. In an interview, Aymar De Liedekerke Beaufort, chief executive officer (CEO), BNP Paribas India and Sanjay Singh, deputy CEO, BNP Paribas India discuss the key focus areas for the bank.

Given the obvious risks around us, what will be BNP Paribas’s core strategy in India?

Beaufort: There are risks in every market and every business model. What is important for us as a bank is our ability to be at the service of both our clients as well as the world that we live in. We are committed to financing economic development that has a positive impact on our clients and the society. And if this means, for instance, ceasing financing and investing activities to tobacco companies and shale gas, we have done so, across the world. From a client standpoint, it is very important for banks like us to understand and help them navigate business cycles with the right mix of advisory and financing. At BNP Paribas, we are backed by our strong army of in-house engineers and experts who have a strong understanding of complex sectors and can look through the numbers. It helps that being risk-conscious is in our DNA, and this means we help our clients identify the good risks for their business growth, and be their financial adviser in the true sense.


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