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India 2030: How would the Indian economy look like in 10 years?

India 2030 is a kind of omnibus on the visualisation of experts of how the Indian economy would look like in 2030, and the action points required to be taken for getting us there. Sameer Kochhar, better known for his remarkable work at Skoch, has gotten together 26 essays on various aspects of the economy and presents this volume, which is a very good guide for anyone trying to understand the complexities of the system.

While each of the essays is very well articulated, which can be expected as the authors are of the calibre of Ashima Goyal, Rathin Roy, Tamal Bandyopadhyay, Deepali Pant Joshi, etc, the introductory article by Kochhar in a way sets the tone.

He is generally apolitical when putting forward his views and does not go overboard in eulogising the NDA government or condemning the UPA regime. Three views expressed by him stand out in terms of controversy. The first is regarding demonetisation, where he argues that it helped to bring in digitisation and a cleaner system. He blames the RBI for very unprofessional handling of the transition, however. This is probably where all the defenders of demonetisation go wrong.

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