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IIT students attracted towards new-age starts-ups

IIT students, starts-ups, IIT graduates, Adloid, business schools, augmented reality tech startupStart-ups hunt for fresh talent from premier engineering institutes, and the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) have recently concluded recruitment drives wherein a lot of companies visited their campuses to get hold of the new graduates. Tech-savvy renowned companies offered good salary packages to graduates, but it has been seen that IIT graduates rejected their offers to join start-ups and new-age companies.

Adloid, a pioneer in 3D visualisation and an augmented reality tech start-up, interviewed candidates from IITs and IIMs virtually across multiple roles. They conducted a test and then determined based on the individual’s score if candidates are suitable for the role or not. They also developed interview frameworks involving business cases and group discussions. Adloid found that even in virtual situations, there is a lot one can determine about the candidate’s working style depending on how they conduct themselves in a group interview and how they solve various business cases. This tech start-up offered good salary packages to skilled candidates and which made them leave hefty salary packages of tech giants. Adloid is at a stage in business that is looking to grow to 10x, and so it becomes important to hire the right talent that supports in meeting business goals.


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