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If China and India speak in one voice, the world will listen: Sun Weidong

President Xi Jinping once pointed out that the development of China and India is the trend of the times and an important opportunity to each other. As I see it, China and India are neighbours, partners and friends. Amicable exchanges have always been the mainstream of the bilateral relations. President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Narendra Modi initiated the “hometown diplomacy” and later held a historic informal summit in Wuhan, China. The Closer Developmental Partnership between China and India is moving forward along the track of sound and steady development.

Today, over 1,000 Chinese companies are doing business in India, with a cumulative investment of $8 billion, which has created 200,000 local jobs. More than two-thirds of Indian companies investing in China are making handsome profits, 40 per cent of them would like to increase their investment in China this year. The China-India High-Level People-to-People and Cultural Exchanges Mechanism has promoted people-to-people cooperation a new high. The box office of Indian films is twice as much in China as in India. The Indian pavilion at the Beijing International Horticultural Expo has attracted millions of Chinese visitors. With the long history, large population and economic volume of the two countries, China-India cooperation enjoys vast potential for development.

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