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Humble beginnings: Vedanta boss shared a room with 7 people for Rs 21 when he first came to Mumbai

Vedanta Resources Limited Executive Chairman and founder Anil Agarwal recently took a trip down the memory lane.

In a series of posts, the top boss remembered the time when he spent his first night in Mumbai at a shared lodge in Kalbadevi Cotton Exchange. The small-town boy from Bihar shared a room and a bathroom with seven other people at the accommodation for a rent of Rs 21 (which was a big sum at the time, according to him).

That was the night that changed Agarwal's life. He decided to work hard and dedicate his life to building a renowned company despite having any connections in the city. "I did not have any connections, but that never stopped me from going after my dreams," he added.

The billionaire also said that he was excited to find out that the food stalls stayed open all night, serving pav bhaji and his other favourite street food.

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