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'Human Rights Cannot Be An Excuse For Defying Law Of The Land': Home Ministry Slams Amnesty

The government on Tuesday (29 September) slammed the controversial outfit Amnesty International for making "exaggerated" and untrue claims for closing down of its India operations and said that "human rights cannot be an excuse for defying the law of the land".

In a statement issued on its website on Tuesday, Amnesty India said it has decided to shut its shop in India following the “complete freezing” of its bank accounts by the Modi government, and called it a “witch-hunt”.

“The complete freezing of Amnesty International India’s bank accounts by the Government of India which it came to know on 10 September 2020, brings all the work being done by the organization to a grinding halt,” it said.

“The organisation has been compelled to let go of staff in India and pause all its ongoing campaign and research work,” the statement read.

In a response to Amnesty International's claim of "witch-hunt" by the Modi government, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) said that the stand taken and the statements made by Amnesty International are unfortunate, exaggerated and far from the truth.

Elaborating on the facts of the matter, the MHA said, "Amnesty International had received permission under the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act (FCRA) only once and that too twenty years ago (19.12.2000). Since then Amnesty International, despite its repeated applications, has been denied FCRA approval by successive governments since as per law it is not eligible to get such an approval,".

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