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How U.S. Brands Are Breaking Into China’s Massive Consumer Market

China’s GDP increased 2.3% in 2020, making it the only major global economy to actually grow during a year that otherwise devastated the economic landscape. And while consumer spending saw a slight contraction (a trend that’s likely to reverse in 2021), online retail sales increased 14.8%.

In order to break into the Chinese market, some U.S. brands are turning to agencies like InVizible, a New York-based creative agency that specializes in launching and growing brand presence in China. Its bi-cultural team is proficient in consumer behavior, trends and media.

“While marketing for different domestic audiences has historically remained segmented, consumers are increasingly open to global brands,” said Nicole Zhao, Managing Director at InVizible. “This trend has accelerated over the past year with nearly all brand interactions happening virtually and traditional country boundaries becoming less and less relevant in consumers’ perceptions of brands.”


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