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How much Chinese money is there in Indian economy

Following the bloodiest clash with China in 45 years, reports suggest that the government would retaliate not only along the Line of Control (LAC) but also in the field of economy. The border question is complex, but the economic one is even more complicated.

Since the 2008 global meltdown, China has seen a sharp rise in its economic prowess helped by a corresponding decline in the US's money power largely on account of its engagement in counter-terror-cum-geostrategic wars in the Middle East and AfPak regions.

Almost every country of the world has deepened its engagement with China in recent years. Being a major emerging global power, India too has done the same.

Chinese investments in a country come through direct, routed and through corporate penetration in technology and infrastructure sectors. Officially, China's FDI in India stands at over $2.34 billion. Some observers and think tanks report a higher investment including rerouted ones. They put the Chinese investments in India at over $6 billion. Some others cite a figure of $8 billion.

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