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How Indian was the Mughal Empire?

This article shall explain how, from the time of Babur to that of Aurangzeb, foreign born nobility always formed the major component of Mughal nobility. No, not descendants of the original bunch who accompanied Babur or Humayun, but fresh recruits or their sons, arriving at every Mughal’s court.

In 1937, elections were held for the Constituent Assembly of India. This was on top of Provincial Governments already being run by Indians, not to mention many municipalities and municipal corporations. All this was separate from the huge tracts of land still nominally held by a large collection of princes and kings. Ergo, a huge number of Indians were helping run the British Empire –running into thousands and lakhs. Still, the freedom struggle continued and all of us will agree that it had good reason to do so! The reason being, that the administrative machinery was still in British hands. The top echelons of the administration and military were places where an ordinary Indian could not even dream to reach. Hence, for all purposes British rule in India was as foreign on the last day as it was on the first.

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