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How Ancient Chinese Wisdom Is Revolutionizing C-Beauty

We are seeing a renaissance of indigenous Chinese wisdom. And, from this, a new generation of brands in the beauty and wellness space. From skincare to supplements, innovative C-beauty businesses are looking towards China’s homegrown systems of value to inform the concepts and ingredients of their products.

HerBeast, a C-beauty outfit founded in 2020, is among the rising stars of today’s Chinese beauty market. With a 15ml bottle of essential oil sold at $73.58 (468 RMB), it is one of the few C-beauty players competing at the premium range with similarly priced Estée Lauder and Lancôme. Touting “skincare long-termism,” the label exclusively uses native herbs and plants as product ingredients and focuses its storytelling on indigenous insights.

In an effort to build an “Eastern lifestyle” empire, the company also produces journals to cover emerging plant trends. In January, HerBeast inaugurated an exhibition in Shanghai to showcase wellness practices among ethnic minorities in the southeastern Yunnan plateau. Although using traditional Chinese medicines (TCM) in beauty is not new, HerBeast’s contemporary packaging and refillable, sustainable design have made it a forerunner in the modern, GenZ-facing beauty industry.


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