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Home Ministry Issues Notification Specifying Rights Of OCI Cardholders

The Central Government issued a notification dated 04th March 2021 indicating some rights to Overseas Citizen of India Cardholders (hereinafter referred to as “OCI Cardholders”).

The Hon’ble Home Minister indicated that the OCI Cardholders can submit an application for multiple entry lifelong visa for visiting India for any purpose.

However, the Hon’ble Home Minister mentioned that the OCI cardholder shall be required to obtain a special authorization/permit to visit India from the competent authority or the Foreigners Regional Registration Officer (hereinafter referred to as “FRRO”) or the Foreigners Registration Officer (hereinafter referred as to “FRO”) if the Indian mission visit is for following purposes:

  • to undertake research;

  • to undertake any Missionary or Tabligh or Mountaineering or Journalistic activities;

  • to undertake an internship in any foreign Diplomatic Missions or foreign Government organizations in India or to take up employment in any foreign Diplomatic Missions in India;

  • to visit any place which falls within the Protected or Restricted or prohibited areas as notified by the Central Government or competent authority.

For any time period to stay in India and the exemption from registration with the FRRO or FRO, the OCI cardholders can also claim exemption from registration with the FRRO or FRO. Necessary to mention the OCI cardholders who are ordinarily resident in India shall intimate the FRRO or the FRO through email every time there is a change in permanent residential address and their occupation.


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