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Hindu-American community donates over 1.3 lakh kg food to needy during Diwali

The Hindu-American community donated more than 1,33,000 kilograms of food to the poor and needy as part of its "Sewa Diwali" drive.

The food drive, a collective effort of cultural and religious communities, yoga institutions, and numerous other organisations rooted in the Dharmic value, has been recognised by many states, cities and local governments, a community release issued said.

It said nearly 179 organisations and numerous individuals came together to collect food for food pantries across the country.

For over two months, 294,000 lb of food was collected across 26 states and 225 townships in USA, and donated to 199 pantries, soup kitchens, and shelters under the "SewaDiwali" initiative, the release said.

During this drive, hundreds of people made their homes "collection centers" for their neighbors to contribute. People were encouraged to donate c ..

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