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Here’s why NASA’s astronaut Sunita Williams took Bhagavad Gita to the space

Spacewalking is one daring task where a decision of a millisecond can become a reason for life or death. Once a woman with the most spacewalks, Astronaut Sunita Williams revealed how spacewalking can give a fatal challenge to even the one who has decades of training. In a webinar organised by Kalam Centre, Delhi, Sunita Williams said that while spacewalking it is always on the back of the mind whether the hands are holding handrails very tight or if the feet are well adjusted in the little platforms. While speaking to Samrat Sharma of Financial Express Online, the astronaut with more than 50 hours of spacewalking experience further said that in the worst-case scenario of being flown due to unbalance, there is a small jet pack known as safer which has a limited amount of nitrogen and can help the astronaut fly back, however, no one had used it so far.

How do astronauts work while spacewalking?

Sunita Williams added that while spacewalking, hands have more work than legs as the legs are there to support while hands are used in translating from one place to another. After reaching the spot of work, the astronauts lock their feet in the small platforms and get their hands free to work. She also underlined that there is a chance to turn upside-down due to zero gravity and get confused but certain instruments like an antenna, etc, help astronauts to identify the correct direction and orient themselves accordingly.

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