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Government readies plan to push India into top 50 ease of business rankings

NEW DELHI: The government on Tuesday set out the roadmap to get India to break into the top 50 countries in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business rankings with Prime Minister Narendra Modi brainstorming with ministries.

The government has already worked out a strategy to focus on Kolkata and Bangalore, the two new cities that will be reviewed by the World Bank after it expanded the scope of the annual exercise to cover four Indian cities. Discussions have taken place with top state government officials in West Bengal and Karnataka, who have offered full cooperation. “Every state wants to do well,” said a source at the Centre.

India is currently ranked 63 and the government is putting special emphasis on areas such as enforcement of contracts, registering property, starting a business and paying taxes, while maintaining its focus on improving on other aspects to move up the rankings.

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