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From selling lemonade to joining the police force: Kerala woman who won against all odds

When SP Aanie, who hails from Kanjiramkulam in Kerala’s Thiruvananthapuram district, separated from her husband before she turned 21, her parents refused to take her in along with her eight-month-old son. She took shelter in her grandmother’s house and did odd jobs for a living, from working as a door-to-door salesperson to selling lemonade and ice-cream at festival grounds. But Aanie never let obstacles come in the way of her dreams even as she fought prejudices and financial hurdles. Now at 31, she is prepared to begin a new chapter of her life, having just taken charge as a sub-inspector at the Varkala police station.

With success, recognition has followed — since she took charge on Saturday, congratulatory messages have been coming in from everyone, from the Leader of Opposition to film stars and countless others on social media.

In her first year of graduation, Aanie had rebelled against her parents to marry the man of her choice. After she separated from her husband and started living with her grandmother, she never compromised on education even in the face of adversity. She became a graduate and later got a post-graduate degree through a distance learning course.

All the while, she did odds jobs, from selling products as a door-to-door salesperson to selling insurance policies at banks. When these stints did not prove to be successful, she tried selling lemonade and ice-cream at festival grounds and tourist venues in and around Varkala after someone she knew suggested that these would fetch her better profit margins.

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