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Foreign firms like Google have to invest in Indian AI start-ups for access to country's data sets

The Indian data sets programme will be restricted for direct access only to the country's start-ups and big tech firms like Google will have to invest in Indian artificial intelligence startups to get indirect access, Union Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar said on May 11.

“The India data-sets programme will have access only for Indian start-ups. Google or other international companies have to invest in Indian artificial intelligence start-ups to get access in turn, or not get access at all,” the minister said at a tech policy conference organised by the Public Affairs Forum of India.

The government is working on an India AI programme, an artificial -intelligence platform stacked with one of the largest publicly-assembled datasets in the world.

Chandrasekhar said that the government's focus is to support deeptech start-ups in areas like artificial intelligence and semiconductors.


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