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Foreign companies play positive role in China’s poverty alleviation

A report on the role of foreign-funded enterprises in China’s poverty alleviation campaign has indicated that the scale of foreign investment in 2018 skyrocketed compared with the previous year. The money helped improve industries, the health sector, infrastructure, drinking water safety, and culture, reported on Dec. 19.

The report, released by Deng Guosheng with Tsinghua University, is based on the poverty alleviation activities of 42 foreign-funded enterprises in China.

The survey found that there are two major ways foreign enterprises help with poverty reduction in China. These companies either carry out poverty alleviation projects in poverty-stricken areas, or organize volunteers to take part in relevant programs.

The motivation for foreign enterprises to engage in poverty alleviation comes from their awareness of social responsibilities and their active response to government policies.

The report suggested that more support should be given to foreign enterprises in China’s poverty alleviation efforts, such as building channels for experience exchange and communication.

In addition, the role of foreign enterprises in poverty alleviation should be publicized more, so that more such companies will take part, and more favorable policies should be rolled out to encourage foreign enterprises to get involved in China’s poverty alleviation efforts, the report noted.

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