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ExplainSpeaking: Why rising unemployment, not GDP growth, is the biggest challenge for India

One of the top Twitter trends over the past few hours has been “#modi_rojgar_do”. The hashtag essentially asks Prime Minister Narendra Modi to provide more employment. Over 2 million tweets have already been posted using this hashtag. By the looks of those who are already tweeting using this hashtag, it is likely to remain prominent over the coming days this week.

There were two more Twitter trends worth noting. One was “#ब्राह्मणवाद_जहर_है “(“Brahmanism is poison”) and the other was “#आरक्षण_ज़हर_हैं” (or “Reservations are poison”). On the face of it, both these hashtags are talking about casteism (caste hierarchy) and caste-based reservations in jobs, but essentially they too are about the same underlying issue — India’s massive unemployment problem.

In the past ExplainSpeaking has written “why unemployment could become a bigger headache for the govt


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