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Episode 1: US/China Trade War: Irreversible Impacts?

Our inaugural episode examines possible irreversible impacts of the US/China trade war and lessons learned about the two superpowers’ dynamic. We look beyond a potential short-term truce to identify what the enduring friction points will be between two nations bent on shaping the future. 


Rafe Lewis: Hello and welcome to Double Take, the Mellon podcast. I'm your cohost, Rafe Lewis, director of investigative research here at Mellon's Boston headquarters.

Jack Encarnacao: I'm your other cohost and investigative researcher, Jack Encarnacao. Together, Rafe and I deliver boots on the ground research to Mellon's investment professionals finding experts and primary materials far removed from the echo chambers of Wall Street. We hope it gives our investors unique and differentiated insights into the companies they cover.

Jack: That's precisely what we intend to do for the audience of Double Take. For each episode, our goal is to provide our listeners with two unique viewpoints on the hottest investment issues of the day, one from inside of Mellon and one from outside.

Rafe: I have to say we're pretty darn excited to launch this podcast with a deep dive on what's arguably the single most consequential driver of equity and fixed income price gyrations in 2019, the U.S-China trade war. Not only are we discussing a big beefy topic, we're doing so with a bonafide guru on the subject, Aninda Mitra. Read More

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