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Creating effective adverts – Bilibili is becoming a key to successful marketing in China

Such is the reach of Bilibili that even listed companies can benefit significantly from the platform. In one case, 40 seconds on Bilibili boosted a company’s market value up by 550 million RMB ($86.3 million). You may have heard of Bilibili, or B Site, it is often referred to as China’s YouTube. But did you know this video-sharing platform is now becoming the golden key to winning the hearts of Chinese youngsters?

Bilibili is now the largest pop culture and entertainment community for young generations in China. The platform sees 72 million daily active users (86% are under 35). In other words, one out of two people in China is on Bilibili, and the data shows that each user spends an average of 88 minutes on the website every day. Not only does the platform have a wide user base in key consumer demographics, but is also able to capture attention longer than most sites, allowing brands to see far larger success through Bilibili.

Not only does Bilibili have a wide user base in key consumer demographics, but is also able to capture attention longer than most sites.

Interestingly, out of the enormous number of videos uploaded over the past year, more than 3,000 of them were adverts, these made up a portion of the most researched content list. That equals ten videos every day throughout the year, showing the enormity of potential for brands on this platform. These most successful paid video content covered as many as 1,000 bands from 27 different countries. Would you consider becoming one of them next year?

Bilibili is going beyond a YouTube equivalent in China

Although Bilibili is considered the platform most similar to YouTube, it has a rather different story. It started as an ACG (Animation, Comic, and Game) content community in 2009, with over 70% of its content creators focusing on animation, games, and music. But since the second year, the inquisitive nature of young people started to drive them to many other areas, particularly in technology, lifestyle, TV series, and movies.

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