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Country-wise most popular motorcycles around the world: Royal Enfield’s global footprint on the rise

There are no surprises there if we tell you that Royal Enfields are by far the most popular motorcycles in India. You perhaps know that already. So, this got us thinking that it would be interesting to find out which are the most popular motorcycles in other countries across the globe. Folks at Budget Direct Motorcycle Insurance had the same idea and they came up with a very simple world map that depicts popular motorcycles in nearly all countries in the world. The colour key for Harley-Davidson is Orange and well, the world seems to mostly like Orange.

The team used Google Keyword data to work out how often a motorcycle brand is searched on the Internet in a country. All of the North American continent is a Harley-Davidson fan with the exception of Mexico which likes Honda more, and Honduras that likes Kawasakis.

Move over to South America and it is Honda that is dominant. It is either Harley-Davidson motorcycles or Japanese makes like Honda and Yamaha. European manufacturers like Ducati found fans in Jamaica, Dominican Republic, and Guyana.

With the exception of the Czech Republic and Slovakia that have Kawasaki motorcycles the most popular, and Latvia like Hondas, all of the countries in this part of the world (first image below) search for Harley-Davidson motorcycles the most.

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