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Coronavirus Treatment: Ayurveda More Powerful Than Traditional Medicines, Finds A Study

Ayurveda more powerful than traditional medicines, finds a study

As the scientists and medical experts across the globe are working day and night to procure a treatment to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus, a groundbreaking interim result of a clinical trial of COVID-19 patients has given rise to new hopes. The patients were undergoing natural treatment for COVID-19 in three hospitals and it was found that the combination treatment of Ayurvedic remedy was able to relieve some of the symptoms of COVID-19 earlier when compared to the conventional route of allopathic treatment.

​What does the interim report say?

The clinical trial was conducted in three different hospitals and the COVID-19 patients were given the combination treatment of an Ayurvedic remedy known as “‘Immunofree” by the Corival Life Sciences, and ‘Reginmune’ by Biogetica which is a Nutraceutical. As per the reports, the combination of these natural remedies produced better results when compared to the conventional treatment approved by the government for COVID-19.

​The promising results of natural treatment

The interim report further adds that by using the combination of natural treatment, inflammation markers like C-reactive protein, and other tests including RT-PCR, Procalcitonin and D Dimer showed further improvement (at least 20-60 per cent) when compared to the conventional allopathic medicines for the treatment of the COVID-19 patients. Highlighting the success rate of natural treatment, the interim report added that over 85 per cent of patients who were given the combination treatment of Ayurveda and Nutraceutical tested negative for COVID-19 on day 5 itself. While 60 per cent of those who were given conventional treatment for COVID-19 tested negative for coronavirus on day 5. It should be noted that all the patients in the trial tested negative on the 10th day.


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