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Consumers actively seeking info, comparing products, taking informed decisions: Deloitte report

Indian consumers are actively seeking information, comparing products available in the market, and then taking informed decisions amid massive disruptions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a Deloitte report.

It said the adoption of digital technologies has significantly accelerated to compensate for store closures and the consequent reduction in customer engagement due to lack of touchpoints in the current times.

“Amidst the massive disruption, the discerning Indian consumer has been seen to rather lead the narrative-actively seeking information, comparing products available in the market, and taking informed decisions,” it said.

The report also said modern consumers are more connected, environmentally conscious and they are more aware of the brands they use, their sourcing and the ingredients of the food products they consume.

As a result, it said, consumers are likely to be more mindful in their consumption of products and are likely to be more thoughtful in their purchase decisions.

Rajat Wahi, Partner Deloitte India, said: “The pandemic continues to transform consumer buying behaviour, making consumers more digitally inclined and demanding at one end, whilst becoming more health and socially conscious on the other”.

Further, it said that technological advancements, rising internet and smartphone penetration have facilitated information exchange and this exchange has allowed varied and distinct consumers to connect through social media and pick up on global and regional trends.


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