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Closed Gates: MBBS students desperate to return to Chinese universities

NEW DELHI: Forced to complete a substantial part of their MBBS online, medical students of Chinese universities stuck in India are desperate to go back. For more than 18 months, thousands of students attending online lectures are anxious about missing critical hands-on learning.

“I came back last year in January when cases were just beginning to rise in China. Since then, all classes have been conducted in online mode. How am I supposed to call myself a doctor if I do not get the necessary clinical exposure?” asked Mohammed Ishan*, medical student of Hubei University of Chinese Medicine, Wuhan, China.

Most students seeking an affordable education but unable to get into public institutions choose countries like China, Russia, and Ukraine over private medical colleges in India. According to Indian Embassy data, about 23,000 students are currently enrolled in various medical schools in China, the most popular destination.

Travel restrictions imposed after the pandemic have caused significant damage in the quality of education of medical students. Struggling to use banned Chinese apps to attend online classes, lagging video lectures and recorded surgery experience has led to frustration and despair among many.

MBBS in China runs for five years with another year of compulsory internship. While others are stuck attending online classes, the final-year students are struggling with internships. Students across India have formed unions to make their demands heard as there has been no concrete response from the Chinese government on re-opening borders for international students.

While the pandemic is under control in China significantly, the government continues to restrict entry of students into the country.


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