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Chris Wood raises India weight by pruning China exposure; remains bullish despite lofty valuations

Domestic benchmark indices corrected nearly 2% from their all-time highs last week when global markets witnessed a sell-off. The extraordinary resilience of the Indian stock market has been driven by growing retail investor activity and easy liquidity, according to Chris Wood, global head (equity strategy), Jefferies, who has increased India weightage in his Asia Pacific portfolio this week. Sensex and Nifty recorded a marginal fall last week even though other emerging market peers such as South Korea, Brazil and even Hong Kong corrected more than 8% each and Morgan Stanley’s EM Index tanked 15%.

Factors that aid D-Street’s growth

Sensex and Nifty are now less than 1% away from their all-time highs, recouping losses this week. “GREED & fear remains structurally positive on the Indian market despite the lofty valuation at 21.5 times 12- month forward earnings which creates a certain vertigo,” Chris Wood said in his weekly newsletter. “A new property cycle has commenced, a broader capital spending cycle should be coming sooner or later while the best companies have profited from deleveraging triggered consolidation in sectors like residential property and housing finance and indeed consumer finance in general,” he added. The pro-growth stand taken by the central government is also counted as a positive by the market strategist.


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