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Chinese female bodybuilder with one leg aims to help 85 million people just like her

Gui Yuna has achieved more than most in her young life.

At just 37-years-old, the Chinese mother-of-one, prize-winning bodybuilder, Olympian and world-record holder is no slouch when it comes to kicking big goals - despite having lost a leg in a tragic accident when she was just seven.

Bullied relentlessly throughout school and discriminated against while searching for work, Gui’s biggest disability was the way other people saw her.

On January 20, 2021, her birthday, Gui’s greatest reward is the steps she is taking to help millions of Chinese like her believe they can do anything. Something she is living proof of.

With help from a local disability association in Yancheng, in the eastern Jiangsu province, Gui and four friends have established the Wu’ai Disabled People’s Home to combat the high unemployment within China’s 85 million disabled population.

Gui’s unbreakable determination and positive attitude were recently highlighted in images of her strutting confidently on stage in a high-heeled shoe and bikini – all while leaning on her crutch – during her first bodybuilding tournament, held in Huai’an in the Jiangsu province.

The images caused an online sensation and became an overnight inspiration for millions of her fellow disabled Chinese, who find themselves in a country where disabled people are, for the most part, forgotten.


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