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China’s smartphone industry chain may accelerate shift to India

China's smartphone industry chain may accelerate its shift to India amid the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, as the emergency has taught companies the important lesson of risk diversification. "Our supplies to the Indian market are not affected by the novel coronavirus pneumonia, as we have established manufacturing facilities in India and directly supply our clients from the US, Japan and South Korea," said a representative of original design manufacturer (ODM) Wingtech Technology, based in Zhejiang Province. Wingtech has formed a huge industry layout from chip design and semiconductor packaging tests to communication terminals. Media reports said it is the ODM of Chinese brands including Huawei, Xiaomi and OPPO. Attracted by the huge market potential and cheap labor force in India, China's smartphone brands have been lured to the market to grab a piece of the pie and this is driving the shift of smartphone parts suppliers. Realme, a rising Chinese smartphone brand with a key focus on the Indian market, had a market share of 16 percent in India, ranking fourth, according to an industry report issued by Counterpoint Research in December 2019.  Another Chinese player, Xiaomi, ranked No.1 with a market share of 26 percent.

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