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China's industrial internet enters period of rapid growth

In recent years, China has witnessed continuous breakthroughs in the development of industrial internet, which has enjoyed significant improvement in network capacity and accelerated integration with and application in more industries in greater depth, and become an increasingly strong driving force for various industries.

The country has established over 70 industrial internet platforms of considerable influence on certain sectors and regions. These platforms connect 40 million sets of industrial equipment in over 30 key sectors of China's national economy.

Not long ago, China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) issued an action plan for the innovative development of industrial internet from 2021 to 2023, making arrangements for priorities in work related to industrial internet in the next three years.

The following three years will be a crucial period of rapid growth of China’s industrial internet, according to Xu Xiaolan, head of the China Academy of Industrial Internet (CAII).

In the next three years, a batch of key technologies in such fields as networking, identification, platform, and security will achieve industrialization, and the country’s capacity for the supply of industrial chips, industrial software, and industrial control systems will be evidently improved, Xu explained.

Such breakthroughs in basic technological capabilities will further support the innovative development of China's industrial internet, and lay a good foundation for the growth of new technologies, business forms and models, she pointed out.

The MIIT replaced its goal of basically establishing the infrastructure and industrial system for industrial internet set in the previous action plan on industrial internet development with the goal of advancing rapid and high-quality construction of new infrastructure for industrial internet, promoting new business forms and models on a large scale, and significantly improving the overall strength of industrial internet in the new action plan.


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