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China Attempts to Exploit India’s Criticism of Sluggish U.S. Aid for Its Coronavirus Crisis

China on Tuesday appeared eager to exploit an apparent rift between Washington and New Delhi over the Biden administration's widely criticized attempts to help curb India's dramatic spike in COVID-19 cases – a fresh effort to disrupt a partnership that many consider key to countering Beijing's growing influence.

Statements from officials in Beijing and posts in its state news services almost gleefully highlighted the U.S. delay in addressing the public health crisis in India as cases there top 17 million, calling it a self-serving "U-turn" that, they say, shows American indifference to foreign countries that don't serve Washington's interests.

The latest U.S. effort "displays how this so-called political alliance failed to address India's major concerns," according to one op-ed in China's English-language Global Times. Though not a direct mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party, the state news service is seen as aligned with its views. "The message sent by the White House, indeed, appeared to come out 'too late' as the U.S. government has been heavily criticized for being selfish and hypocritical by offering too little aid to India in the past few days."


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