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Bravehearts of Brisbane Test: A few good men and a story of a lifetime

An amalgamation of fascinating life stories that scripted one of the most memorable moments in the history of Indian cricket. The men who humbled Australia in their own backyard, defying odds and naysayers, are not the ones staring from the billboards in manic metro cities but shy, quiet and unassuming characters from the suburbs and the hinterlands. These are strong character artists of an author-backed film rather than mega stars with bulging biceps of 200-crore potboilers. PTI presents back stories of the magnificent bunch which gave Indian cricket ‘a win to remember’ for ages to come.

Rishabh Pant

Rourkee has always been known for its finest engineering college, now an IIT but this is also the hometown of Rishabh Pant, son of school owner parents. There was a time that on occasions a young Pant, accompanied by his mother would reach Delhi in wee hours of morning on weekends to attend training at the famed Sonnet Club and before the crack of dawn rest at the Gurdwara before heading to the ground. He played an IPL game days after his father Rajendra’s sudden demise.


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