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Ayurveda- the ancient Indian knowledge of Healing and the Coronavirus Crisis.

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Like otherancient civilizations, India too has a traditional system of healing that places much emphasis on nature and its bounty of benefits for us. Ayurveda, or the traditional knowledge of healing finds its roots in ancient Indian texts that describes the essence of knowledge being passed down from the idea of universal consciousness (Brahma) to the sages who then compiled them.

The Hindu God Dhanvantari who was the physician of the Gods is supposed to have conveyed the knowledge of Ayurveda to mankind. Notably, the Vedas, Charak Samhita and the Sushrut Samhitaportray in details the intricate relationship between human beings and nature, the various types of plants and herbs which possess medicinal properties and also how we live in close cooperation and harmony with our cosmic surroundings. Indeed, Hinduism places a lot of emphasis on the cosmic force and the forces of nature and also illuminates that just as sickness is a part of our lives, so is healing.

Even though ages have passed and India has witnessed events that ranged from rampant attacks from invading forces to brutal colonialism, the traditions have survived and even now Indians do engage in ayurvedic healing on a mass scale which has been proved quite resourceful. While some criticize it as pseudo-science, research exhibits a contrary idea where ayurvedic healing has gone a long way in not only alleviating people out of sickness but has also contributed to keeping them healthy in tandem with nature. The main focus of Ayurveda is harmony with nature and the use of natural substances which are proven to contain medicinal properties. Focussing on the regular practice known as Dinacharya and practices pertaining to the seasonsRitucharya, Ayurveda is a complete system of warding off diseases while simultaneously building immunity emphasizing a holistic approach. Similar to the indigenous traditions in Latin America, Ayurveda has time and again proved to be a very viable alternative knowledge of healing. During this time of such an unprecedented crisis on all of humanity, it would be worthy to look into our tradition for cures which will enable us to boost our immunity and protect us from this dreaded syndrome. Of course, ayurvedic healing also demands patience and regular use of such cures in order to boost one''s immunity, therefore calling for discipline.

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