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Average time spent by Indians on smartphones highest globally: Nokia report

Average time spent by Indians on smartphones is the highest in the world and the duration for watching short videos is likely to rise 4-fold by 2025, telecom gear maker firm Nokia said in a report on Thursday.

The annual report – Mobile Broadband India Traffic Index, (Mbit) 2021 – found that India ranked second in the world in terms of broadband usage on mobile phones after Finland, and the data traffic in the country has increased around 60 times over the last five years, which is also highest globally.

“In the last five years, we have grown 63 times in terms of data growth that has happened. It is phenomenal. It is a record. I don’t think any country, any region, any market can beat this record of how data have been consumed in the last five years,” Nokia chief marketing officer Amit Marwah said while sharing details of the report.

According to the report, 164 petabytes of data was consumed in December 2015, which reached close to 10,000 petabytes in December 2020 on mobile networks.

The average consumption of data per user per month also increased by 76 per cent CAGR (compound annual growth rate) over the last five years to 13.5 GB (gigabyte) on 3G and 4G network combined. Average data consumed on 4G network are 13.7 GB per user per month.

“An average user in India has increased his consumption on smartphones by 4 times in the last year. An average person consumes close to 5 hours per day, in fact, it is 4.48 hours per day, on their devices. Even from today, we will grow 4 times more in terms of more content getting used,” Marwah said.

Almost 55 per cent of this consumption is being now spearheaded by short content, which is available on channels like YouTube, social media and other OTT apps and the rest of the 45 per cent is getting consumed on other kinds of content like fintech, e-commerce and other kinds of browsing activities.


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