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Approval rating of Narendra Modi highest among 13 global leaders

According to the approval rating of several global leaders tracked by Morning Consult Political Intelligence, Narendra Modi has the highest approval rating among the leaders of 13 countries. The data shows that the Indian Prime Minister remains the most popular global leader since January 2020, and as of August 31, his net approval rating was 11 times the net rating of Joe Biden.

According to the weekly rating published by the US-based data intelligence company, Narendra Modi’s net approval is 45, while the same for US President Biden is only 4. The ratings for UK PM Boris Johnson and Canadian PM Justin Trudeau are in negatives, at -11 and -4. Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the president of Mexico, has the second-highest net approval rating of 37, and Italian PM Mario Draghi is at third place with 32.


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