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Agitation against farm laws only serves interest of rich, elite farmers

It was always obvious that there was more to the farmers’ stir than meets the eye. First, it was the violence on the Republic day. Now we have a host of international celebrities jumping into the fray, adding a global spin to the over two-months-old agitation.

Within days of the protests starting on November 25 last, there were marches against the three farm laws in various parts of the world. The fact that these protests were dominated by the usual India baiters backed by Pakistan was not lost on anyone.

The three farm laws have surely disturbed a small but resourceful section of Indian farmers. They suspect these reforms, allegedly commenced at the instance of corporates, would ultimately end government procurement of foodgrains leading to the closure of Agriculture Produce Marketing Committees (APMCs) and eventually result in the transfer of agriculture land from farmers to big companies.


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