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99.2% of mobile phones used in India are made in India: Ashwini Vaishnaw

According to Union minister Ashwini Vaishnaw, who made the announcement on November 27, more than 99 percent of mobile phones in use today are made in India, and the industry's worth has surpassed 44 billion rupees.

The Cabinet minister made a joke about how some opposition politicians still believe mobile phones are imported while speaking to the press on India's development in electronics manufacturing.

The idea that mobile phones are imported is still held by several prominent members of the opposition. "They fail to realize that the vast majority of mobile phones in India today are manufactured within the country," Vaishnaw informed reporters at Tata's iPhone facility in Hosur, Tamil Nadu.

It has already surpassed $100 billion, he continued, "after going from tiny to $44 billion."

Not only have quantities increased, but India has also been climbing the value chain, as underlined by the union minister. Currently, India is a major producer of a number of components.

Offering attractive incentives through its production-linked incentive (PLI) schemes, India aims to create $300 billion worth of electronics by 2025–26. This ambition is part of the country's efforts to diversify its manufacturing capabilities away from China.

Apple has been steadily increasing manufacturing of its iPhones in India over the last year. Reportedly, after surpassing $7 billion in production in the last fiscal, the Cupertino tech giant intends to elevate manufacturing in India to more than $40 billion in the following four to five years.

At the same time, Google has given India a major boost to its aspirations of becoming a global manufacturing hub by announcing that it will manufacture its Pixel smartphones in the nation. With the release of the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro in 2024, the company intends to begin local production. To make these cellphones, the business will be collaborating with factories both at home and abroad.

In the past nine and a half years, we have achieved a point where our electronics and products may experience growth driven by exports. "Everyone who works in this intricate industry has made a difference," Vaishnaw said today.

Our semiconductor program has made tremendous strides... The chip manufacturing facility is progressing smoothly. He continued by saying that some well-known figures who wish to condemn the expansion of the mobile phone sector fail to take into account the jobs it creates.

In 2022, the 'Make in India' project hit a major milestone with mobile phone shipments that surpassed 2 billion units. This was supported by a remarkable CAGR of 23% over a period of 9 years.

Factors such as increasing levels of internet literacy, strong local demand, and proactive government backing have all contributed to the expansion. As a result, a study by Counterpoint Research states that India is currently the world's second-largest producer of mobile phones.

More than 98% of all market shipments were marked as "Make in India" in 2022, up from 19% under the previous administration in 2014. In comparison to the low single digits eight years ago, the average local value addition in India is now over 15%.

A large number of companies are setting up shop in the country to make mobile phones and parts. The expansion of the ecosystem as a whole is being encouraged by this trend, which is also leading to large-scale investments and the creation of new jobs.

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