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1.09 billion people use WeChat every day

WeChat held its “2021 WeChat Open Class Pro conference” on January 19 to commemorate the 10 years anniversary of WeChat’s official launch. At the conference, Tencent Senior Vice President and WeChat Business Group President Allen Zhang (Zhang Xiaolong) revealed new statistics about the large-scale usage of the platform.

According to Zhang, every day on the WeChat ecosystem:

  • 1.09 billion users open WeChat

  • 330 million users have a video call

  • 780 million users browse WeChat Moments

  • 120 million users post on their moments, including 670 million photos and 100 million short videos

  • 360 million users read articles from WeChat official accounts

  • 400 million users use mini-programs

He also revealed that more than 200 million users have chosen to set their Moments to be visible for only three days.


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